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During the extended Moon Festival, Taiwan’s ‘Miracle Football Freestyle’ groups and kids from Chinese Taipei Football Club visited Songren Nursing Home to help elderly residents at the home celebrate Moon Festival. In addition to incredible performances by Su Min and Chou Jia-wei, coaches at‘Miracle Football Freestyle’, kids got involved for a fun game of ‘fan football’ with the elderly residents. Organizer of the event, Chen Pao-chuan from Chinese Taipei Football Club, said that the group planned to perform at nursing homes, orphanages and centers for persons with a disability throughout Taipei. He also invited anyone interested in ‘Football Freestyle’ or simply helping out, to get in touch and join in the fun.

Enthusiastic football freestylers celebrate Moon Festival with nursing home residents (by CJ Mercy H.)

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热力花足 一同陪伴养护老人共度中秋佳节 ( Mercy H. )

Enthusiastic football freestyl在中秋连续假期,台湾花式足球团体神迹以及中华台北足球俱乐部的小朋友们,一同到台北市松瑞园老人养护所与长期照护的老人家一同欢乐度中秋。除了来自神迹 花足的团员:苏敏教练以及周家维教练精彩的花足演出之外,小朋友们也与行动不便的老人家用简单的扇子拍打气球作运动。  活动主办人、中华台北足球俱乐部的陈保权表示,未来将会在台北市各大的老人看护所、育幼院、身心障碍机构进行巡迴表演。欢迎民众前往参加同乐,也欢迎玩花 式足球的朋友共襄盛举。